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We have different on air options for you.

Radio jingles

When you think of Go Compare, the odds are that the comparison site’s catchy operatic jingle comes straight to the forefront of your mind. Jingles are the easiest to recall of all radio ad formats, capitalising on the link between music and memory. These sound bites become embedded in the collective consciousness of consumers. A snappy jingle can be a great way to stimulate sales through short radio ad segments once you’ve built up enough brand awareness.

Straight reads

Similar to a jingle, a straight read is another type of ‘produced spot’ where the advertiser creates the message for broadcast. This is the most common type of advertisement that you’ll hear on the radio, involving one or more voices reading out a message that emphasises the benefits of the brand, product, or service.

Straight reads tend to feature some form of contact information like a website or phone number as well as a call to action that encourages the listener to get in touch or make a purchase. These radio advertisements are not only effective at driving sales but also generating awareness of your brand in the first place – for this reason, radio ads will often combine a straight read with a jingle to influence consumers who are at different stages of their relationship with the brand.


The key to excellent response rates in radio advertising is repetition. Sponsorships allow your business to reach potential customers again and again in a subtle way that integrates into the radio show's natural flow. By sponsoring a segment such as the news or a competition, you can catch listeners when they’re at their most engaged. Your brand becomes a part of the show in this way, slowly encouraging its fans to seek out your products or services over time. There are generally more opportunities for sponsorships with niche or local radio advertising.

Live reads

A live read involves the radio show host reading out your advertisement on your behalf. Like sponsorships, this format ensures that your ad and your brand are assimilated into the radio channel itself, helping you to reach dedicated enthusiasts and niche consumer segments who follow a certain show. Live reads are also more persuasive: we tend to listen more to what others have to say about a brand than the company itself, particularly if they’re an influential figure like a radio DJ.

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